Spring 2011

CS1950E — Human-Robot Interaction Seminar

Build as Simplex as Possible

Spring 2011

CS2951A — Robots for Education

How can we make robot accessible enough for use in the classroom at the secondary level?

CS1950N — Game Development Seminar: Android and Core Techniques

Implementing 11 mobile games covering core game development algorithms.

Fall 2010

CS148 — Building Intelligent Robots

Spring 2010

CS295z — Robot Learning and Autonomy:

What can robots actually learn from demonstration?

Fall 2009

CS148 — Building Intelligent Robots:

Starting the transition to another Robot Operating System (ROS Create drivers in our ROS repository)

Spring 2009

CS148 — Building Intelligent Robots

With cheaper and easier to assemble subnotebook-based mobile robot platform

Spring 2008

CS134 — Innovating Game Development

Fall 2007

CS148 — Building Intelligent Robots

iRobot Create based autonomous robot soccer using our $700 SmURV platform

A 2-on-2 match sped up for your viewing

Spring 2007

CS296-3 — Robot Learning and Autonomy

Fall 2006

CS148 — Building Intelligent Robots

Now using the iRobot Roomba to play Pac-Man with autonomous robots

Spring 2006

CS196-2 — Innovating Game Development

Swordplay, a cs196-2 project, was published in IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications

Fall 2005

CS148 — Building Intelligent Robots

2005 Demoday Gallery

Fall 2004

CS148 — Building Intelligent Robots

2004 Demoday Gallery 1

2004 Demoday Gallery 2