HRI@Brown Symposium

With my awesome collaborators (Michael Littman and Bertram Malle), we had the Second Human-Robot Interaction Symposium at Brown last week. It was amazing to see the excellence and breadth of research among the faculty at Brown and collaborators from other local institutions. Through its strength of interdisciplinary collaboration, Brown and the Providence area is in a great position to address the technological challenges and societal needs for realizing robots that benefit humanity, improving both productivity and quality of life across society. Robotics is at the beginnings of revolutionizing society in the next 40 years similar to how computing revolutionized the past 40 years.

That said, one of my favorite parts of the symposium was using my Suitable Beam remote presence device to wrangle people into the meeting room (along with a gratuitous pic of Providence from the Beam). Thanks to the ICERM staff for being wonderful hosts and Tom Sgouros for getting the Beam working during the symposium.

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