Donut’s Last Day

While on sabbatical, I had the incredible pleasure of working with and mentoring Russell Toris, an intern from the WPI Robot Autonomy and Interactive Learning Lab working with Bosch LLC and Willow Garage, on projects related to cloud robotics. During his internship, Russell made monumental strides in continuing the development of rosbridge, furthering the Robot Web Tools effort, and creating a number of great JavaScript libraries for robotics (such as roslibjs)… and these are only a few of his recent accomplishments. His in-browser NASA Robonaut 2 demo is my personal favorite if his recent work, but this demo of in-browser navigation is a very close second:

Friday was my last day working with Russell. I am really looking forward to working with Russell and his advisor, Sonia Chernova, on cloud robotics projects upon returning to Brown this Summer.

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