while (--it!=hot) {r=done;}

Given my dorky/geeky tendencies, I have decided to fork (reappropriate) two phrases I commonly use within my research group, recasted with a K&R sensibility:

  • r=done;
  • It was probably the endless viewings of Cars or too much Comedy Central that had me gravitate to this phrase. This statement is now the standard response when someone needs to up their game or does something really cool. When especially awesome, I might use “void main() {r=done;}”

  • --it==hot;
  • I was never really a fan of the cache memory millionaires, but they did have a hook in one of their songs that was catchy. Going away from common connotations, this condition expresses that that we should produce strong results that impress people.

    Additionally, I am also starting to use this statement when I do not understand a point someone is trying to express:

  • *willis;
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