Gogo + Silverlight = Awesome – Bursty

Lions-Saints inflight ATL-PVD

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to be better about posting updates. It is a great time to be a roboticist. I am privileged to be a part of a number of great projects. The trouble is that this leaves little time for posts, as well as my many other responsibilities. However, life is short… and so are the NFL playoffs and time to write NRI proposals. Fortunately, Delta’s inflight entertainment and Gogo wifi was a great help during our recent return to Providence from California. One our first leg, I was able to work on a proposal while watching the Bengals-Texans game. Thankfully, this game was on NBC (and not CBS or FOX), or I would have been out of luck. I really like Delta, but they could do better for the playoffs. The second leg did not feature inflight entertainment for the Lions-Saints game, but NBC was great to provide streaming video of the game through Microsoft’s Silverlight plug-in. It was totally awesome to get live video of the game through my browser inflight. While I was highly pleased with my internet connectivity though Gogo, it was not quite up to the task for streaming the game, even at the lowest quality. I caught about every fifth play. After halftime, I switched over the Detroit sports radio that allowed me to at least listen to the game.

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